Siku Quanshu Database Newly Classified According LC Classification

This database is a collection of all titles from the Siku Quanshu available from our Chinese Collection, Newly Classified According the LC Classification.

Search Options:

  • Subject Search: select a subject from the menu
  • Author Search: limited to traditional Chinese or Big5
  • Title Search: title (keyword or phrase) in Pinyin or traditional Chinese

Technical Instructions:

  • First of all, click on "View" on your browser and mouse over "Encoding" to make sure that "Auto-Select" or "UTF-8" is checked.
  • Search: Your PC should have the function set up for you to input Chinese language scripts (either simplified or traditional); otherwise, you may use Pinyin to search.
  • Display: If your PC cannot display Chinese characters after all, you can use the file in PDF format.