Research Guide to Chinese Studies: Law

This guide provides an introduction to resources on Studies in Chinese Law. In addition to these resources, users can search materials on Chinese Law studies from UI Library online catalog, InfoHawk+.

Research Guide - Chinese Collection - The University of Iowa Libraries
LexisNexis Congressional [Database UI Access Only]
LexisNexis Connect
Covers US laws related to China.
China Data Online [Database UI Access Only]
All China Marketing Research Connect
Comprehensive and updated information on China's economic development at national, provincial, city, county, and industrial levels, which include the following databases: (1) Monthly Statistics - provides the monthly macroeconomic statistics at national, provincial and city levels from 1998 to current; (2) National Statistics - provides statistical data of China from 1949 to current; (3) Provincial Statistics -provides the statistical data of all provinces from 1949 to current; (4) City Statistics - provides yearly statistics of prefecture and county level cities from 1996; (5) County Statistics - provides the yearly county statistics from 1997; (6) Industrial Statistics - provides monthly and yearly statistics by industries from 1999.
PAIS International [Database UI Access Only]
CSA Connect
Coverage includes Chinese law.
JSTOR [Database UI Access Only]
JSTOR Connect
Covers articles related to Chinese law.
ABI/INFORM Global [Database UI Access Only]
ProQuest Connect
Covers articles about Chinese law and business.
LexisNexis Academic [Database UI Access Only]
LexisNexis Connect
Covers articles about Chinese law.
China Academic Journals (CAJ) 中国学术期刊数据库 [Database UI Access Only]
China National Knowledge Infrastructure via East View Connect
This database is part of the electronic project of the CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure). It covers journal articles published in China in the subject areas of Chinese law. It includes back files dated back to 1994.
English-Chinese dictionary of law [Dictionary]
Beijing: Fa lü chu ban she, 1999
K52.C5 Y55 1999 Availability at InfoHawk+
A bilingual dictionary about Chinese law.
Asia-Pacific journal on human rights and the law [E-Journal UI Access Only]
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
1388-1906 Connect
Covers articles about Chinese law.
Asian law journal [E-Journal UI Access Only]
University of California, Berkeley.
1022-422X Connect
Covers articles about Chinese law.
Asian-Pacific law &amp policy journal [E-Journal UI Access Only]
University of Hawaii
1541-244X Connect
Covers articles about Chinese law.
China law and practice [E-Journal UI Access Only]
1012-6724 Connect
Covers Chinese law.
Chinese law and government [E-Journal UI Access Only]
M.E. Sharpe
0009-4609 Connect
Covers articles about Chinese law and politics.
Xin bian Zhonghua ren min gong he guo chang yong si fa jie shi quan shu 新编中华人民共和国常用司法解释全书 [Encyclopedia]
Beijing: Zhongguo fa zhi chu ban she / 北京: 中国法制出版社, 2004
KNQ1574 .X56 2004 Availability at InfoHawk+
An encyclopedia of interpreting Chinese judicial laws.
Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo fa lü quan shu 中华人民共和国法律全书 [Encyclopedia]
Changchun shi: Jilin ren min chu ban she / 长春市: 吉林人民出版社, 1990.
KQK .C48 1990 Availability at InfoHawk+
A complete collection of Chinese law.
Guide to Law Online: China [Internet]
Law Library of Congress Connect
Provides rich online information about Chinese law.
People's Republic of China law resource [Internet]
Washburn University School of Law Library Connect
This website is a rich collection of online information about Chinese law.
A Complete Research Guide to the Laws of the People's Republic of China [Internet]
Compiled by Wei Luo and Joan Liu Connect
This online guide provides an introduction to Chinese law and many online resources on Chinese law.
Legal Research Resources on the Internet: China [Internet]
Created by Lyonette Louis-Jacques, University of Chicago Connect
This website provides internet resources on Chinese laws.
Fa xue ping lun 法学评论 [Journal]
Wuhan da xue fa lü xi / 武汉: 武汉大学法律系, 1983
1004-1303 Availability at InfoHawk+
Covers researches in Chinese law.
Fa xue 法學 [Journal]
Shanghai: Hua dong zheng fa xue yuan / 上海: 華東政法学院, 1982
1000-4238 Availability at InfoHawk+
Studies in Chinese law.
Law yearbook of China [Yearbook]
Beijing: Press of Law Yearbook of China, 2002
1672-1829 Availability at InfoHawk+
English version of the yearbook of China law originally published in Chinese.