Research Guide to Chinese Studies: Politics and Political Science

This guide provides an introduction to resources on Studies in Chinese Politics and Political Science. In addition to these resources, users can search materials on Chinese Politics and Political Science studies from UI Library online catalog, InfoHawk+.

Research Guide - Chinese Collection - The University of Iowa Libraries
Chinese politics: a selected bibliography [Bibliography]
Monticello, Ill., USA: Vance Bibliographies, 1989
Z7165.C6 G59 1989 Availability at InfoHawk+
Include bibliographical information about publications on Chinese politics.
The provinces of the People's Republic of China: a political and economic bibliography [Bibliography]
Washington: U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Z7165.C6 U55 Availability at InfoHawk+
An important reference source about Chinese provincial and local government and politics. Coverage: 1949-1976.
The Cultural Revolution : a bibliography, 1966-1996 [Bibliography]
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University, c1998
Z3108.A5 S86 1998 Availability at InfoHawk+
A detailed bibliography on studies in the history of Chinese Cultural Revolution.
Zhong gong dang shi ren wu zhuan 中共党史人物传 [Biography]
Xi'an: Shanxi ren min chu ban she/西安 : 陕西人民出版社: 1980
JQ1519.A5 C526 Availability at InfoHawk+
Biographies of historical figures in the Chinese Communist Party.
History of the Chinese Communist Party [Chronology]
Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1991
JQ1519.A5 H6 1991 Availability at InfoHawk+
A chronology of historical events of the Chinese Communist Party, 1919-1990.
Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo zheng zhi ti zhi yan ge da shi ji, 1949-1978 中华人民共和国政治体制沿革大事记, 1949-1978 [Chronology]
Beijing: Chun qiu chu ban she/北京: 春秋出版社: 1987
JQ1508 .C53 1987 Availability at InfoHawk+
A chronology of events and changes in Chinese political systems, 1949-1978.
China Data Online [Database UI Access Only]
All China Marketing Research Connect
Comprehensive and updated information on China's economic development at national, provincial, city, county, and industrial levels, which include the following databases: (1) Monthly Statistics - provides the monthly macroeconomic statistics at national, provincial and city levels from 1998 to current; (2) National Statistics - provides statistical data of China from 1949 to current; (3) Provincial Statistics -provides the statistical data of all provinces from 1949 to current; (4) City Statistics - provides yearly statistics of prefecture and county level cities from 1996; (5) County Statistics - provides the yearly county statistics from 1997; (6) Industrial Statistics - provides monthly and yearly statistics by industries from 1999.
Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) [Database UI Access Only]
The Association for Asian Studies Connect
This on-line version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) contains records on all subjects pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present.
Academic Search Elite [Database UI Access Only]
Ebsco Connect
This multi-disciplinary database offers full text for nearly 1,850 scholarly journals, including studies in Chinese politics.
JSTOR (Journal Storage) [Database UI Access Only]
JSTOR Connect
Provides full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in history, economics, political science, etc.
PAIS International [Database UI Access Only]
Silverplatter Connect
PAIS International covers the literature of public affairs including political, economic and social issues.
Project Muse [Database UI Access Only]
Project Muse Connect
This multi-subject database covers, among many other fields, political science.
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts [Database UI Access Only]
CSA Connect
This database provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science.
China Academic Journals (CAJ): Politics 中国学术期刊数据库 [Database UI Access Only]
China National Knowledge Infrastructure via East View Connect
This full-text database covers journal articles published in China on Chinese politics and government.
China: Culture and Society [Database UI Access Only]
Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia at Cornell University Library Connect
Spanning three centuries (c1750-1929), this resource makes available extremely rare pamphlets from Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia at Cornell University Library. The resource is full-text searchable, allowing for the collection to be comprehensively explored and studied. In addition, China: Culture and Society features a host of secondary resources, including scholarly essays, an interactive chronology, and mini guides.
Shen Bao digital archive, 1872-1949 申报全文数据库 [Database UI Access Only]
Shanghai Library Connect
Established in 1872, Shen Bao (historically transliterated as Shun Pao or Shen-pao) was the most influential and longest lasting commercial newspaper of before the establishment of the People’s Republic. Published in Shanghai until 1949, Shen Bao was founded by Englishman Ernest Major, but, uniquely, as a newspaper for Chinese readers, written by Chinese reporters. During its existence, Shen Bao gradually shifted from a conservative to a more liberal perspective, and played a pivotal role in the formation of public opinion in the imperial period and into the tumultuous beginnings of modern China.
Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) 文淵閣四庫全書 [Database UI Access Only]
Digital Heritage Publishing Limited Connect
Access (via IP) to Electronic version of the Wenyuange edition of Siku Quanshu is available on most of the computers in the UI Main Library. UI Faculty who want to gain access (via IP) to it in their campus offices need to download and install a client program on their office computers from (download and installation instructions are provided on the website). The Siku Quanshu features a collection of 3,460 Chinese classical works in 36,000 volumes or 4,700,000 pages, which includes works on philosophy, history, literature and art, political systems, social studies, economics, astronomy and geography, mathematics, medical studies, technology, etc.
Chinese Periodical Full-Text Database (1911-1949) 中国近代期刊全文数据库 [Database UI Access Only]
Shanghai Library Connect
Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911~1949) covers around 10,000,000 pieces of writing in over 20,000 different kinds of periodicals published between 1911 and 1949. As an important part of the historical archive, this database has significant academic and historical value.
Political leaders of modern China [Dictionary]
Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2002
DS755.3 .P64 2002 Availability at InfoHawk+
A biographical dictionary of modern Chinese political leaders.
Dictionary of the politics of the People's Republic of China [Dictionary]
London : Routledge, 1998
DS777.75 .D53 1998 Availability at InfoHawk+
Cover all aspects of the politics of the PRC.
A comprehensive glossary of Chinese communist terminology [Dictionary]
Taipei: National Chengchi University
PL1455 .K85 Availability at InfoHawk+
Somewhat dated, but still useful. Coverage runs till the 1970s.
A Chinese-English dictionary of Communist Chinese terminology [Dictionary]
Stanford, Calif., Hoover Institution Press 1973
PL1455 .D6 Availability at InfoHawk+
Dated but still useful as it is bilingual.
Dang dai Zhongguo zheng zhi da shi dian 当代中国政治大事典 [Dictionary]
Changchun shi : Jilin wen shi chu ban she/吉林文史出版社: 1991
DS777.75 .T37 1991 Availability at InfoHawk+
A dictionary of political events in contemporary China.
Zhongguo guan zhi da ci dian 中國官制大辞典 [Dictionary]
Ha'erbin Shi: Heilongjiang ren min chu ban she/哈尔滨市: 黑龙江人民出版社; 1992.
JQ1501.A25 Y8 1992 Availability at InfoHawk+
A dictionary of Chinese political systems and official titles from early Chinese history to the Republic period.
Guo min dang zheng fu zheng zhi zhi du shi ci dian 國民党政府政治制度史词典 [Dictionary]
Hefei Shi: Anhui jiao yu chu ban she/合肥市: 安徽敎育出版社, 2000
JQ1501.A25 G86 2000 Availability at InfoHawk+
A dictionary of the history of the political systems of the Chinese Nationalist Party.
Zhongguo gong chan dang li shi da ci dian 中国共产党历史大辞典 [Dictionary]
Beijing: Zhongguo guo ji guang bo chu ban she/北京: 中国国际广播出版社, 1991
JQ1519.A5 C6439 1991 Availability at InfoHawk+
A dictionary of the history of the Chinese Communist Party.
Zhongguo gong chan dang ren ming da ci dian 中国共产党人名大辞典 [Dictionary]
Beijing: Zhongguo guo ji guang bo chu ban she/北京: 中国国际广播出版社: 1991.
JQ1519.A5 C6435 1991 Availability at InfoHawk+
A dictionary of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party.
China Review International [E-Journal UI Access Only]
University of Hawaii Press
1069-5834 Connect
Features studies in Chinese politics.
The China Journal [E-Journal UI Access Only]
Contemporary China Center, Australian National University
1324-9347 Connect
Features studies in Chinese politics.
A research guide to central party and government meetings in China, 1949-1986 [Guide]
Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 1989
JQ1519.A5 L542 1989 Availability at InfoHawk+
Guide to sources on the meetings of the Chinese communist party and government.
Chinese Politics [Internet]
Edited by Hanno Lecher, Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg Connect
A list of internet resources on Asian politics, including Chinese politics.
Elections and Governance in China 中国选举与治理 [Internet]
中国选举与治理网 Connect
Dang dai Zhongguo yan jiu 當代中國硏究 [Journal]
Princeton, N.J.: Dang dai Zhongguo yan jiu zhong xin, 1994-
1053-1076 Availability at InfoHawk+
Covers politics in contemporary China.
Modern China [Journal]
Beverly Hills [Calif.] Sage Publications
0097-7004 Availability at InfoHawk+
Features studies in modern Chinese politics.
Mao Zedong and China's revolutions: a brief history with documents [Monograph]
New York: Bedford/St. Martin's, c2002
DS778.M3 C47283 2002 Availability at InfoHawk+
Valuable for the documents included.
Bai nian ji dang: ji lu Zhongguo 100 nian de tu wen jing dian 百年激荡: 记录中国100年的图文精典 [Monograph]
Shanghai: Fu dan da xue chu ban she
DS774 .B26 2001 Availability at InfoHawk+
A visual documentation of Chinese history and politics.
The Chinese conception of human rights [Monograph]
Lund, Sweden: Lund University; Stockholm: Sara Distribution, 1996
JC599.C6 S93 1996 Availability at InfoHawk+
A history of the debate on human rights in China, 1898-1949.
Chinese politics: documents and analysis [Monograph]
Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1986-
DS777.547 .C47 1986 Availability at InfoHawk+
In 4 volumes. Coverage: 1969-1982, including bibliographies and index.
Government and politics in revolutionary China: selected documents, 1949-1979 [Monograph]
Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1982
DS777.547 .G68 Availability at InfoHawk+
Include documents covering the period from 1949 to 1979.
Zhong gong zhong yao li shi wen xian zi liao hui bian 中共重要历史文献资料汇编 [Monograph]
Los Angeles: Zhong wen chu ban wu fu wu zhong xin/中文出版物服务中心, 1995
JQ1519.A5 C518 Availability at InfoHawk+
A series of sources and documents from the Chinese communist party.
Zhongguo gong chan dang zu zhi shi zi liao 中国共产党组织史资料 [Monograph]
Beijing: Zhong gong dang shi chu ban she/北京: 中共 党史 出版社, 2000
JQ1519.A5 Z573 2000 Availability at InfoHawk+
Sources for the organization of the Chinese Communist Party.
China facts and figures annual [Yearbook]
Gulf Breeze, FL: Academic International Press, 1978-
DS779.15 .C48 Availability at InfoHawk+
A yearly publication about factual and statistical information on China, including Chinese politics.